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 Kittara's Offer

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PostSubject: Kittara's Offer   Kittara's Offer Icon_minitimeWed Aug 24, 2011 1:15 am

[14:32] Elayne Beaumont turns as she hears the door open. "Good afternoon, Kittara."

[14:32] Kittara (keitha.ildor) bows my head briefly"greetings my Queen, I have thought on something I am more then willing to be a blooddoll, donor for the clan"

[14:33] Elayne Beaumont raises an eyebrow, somewhat surprised by Kittara's declaration. "You being what you are, are you aware of what that may entail, child? 'Tis not a mere matter of allowing vampires to feed."

[14:34] Kittara (keitha.ildor) shakes my head"no not really fill me in and then I will give you answer based on that, please, my Queen"

[14:37] Elayne Beaumont nods. "Come, have a seat and I'll tell you what I know. Perhaps Vich would be a better one to explain it, as she was once blood doll to a vampire, although she doesn't like me to tell anyone that." With that, she turns and heads to the couch.

[14:39] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods and follows, sitting with my feline grce on the couch near her"thank you my Queen"

[14:40] Elayne Beaumont takes a seat and turns to Kittara, "How to begin..." she says quietly, then pauses for a moment as she collects her thoughts.

[14:40] Kittara (keitha.ildor) tilts my head, ears pricked forward, attentive and alert

[14:42] Elayne Beaumont sighs, deciding she'd start the discussion with a question. "Do you understand what happens when a vampire feeds, dear?"

[14:42] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods"yes thye drain some of my blood, as I understand it thye can sometimes link ot my mind as well"

[14:44] Elayne Beaumont nods. "That is correct. There is a transferance that takes place, moreso with some than with others. For example, were I to feed upon you and not close my mind to you, not only would I see your life's memories, but you would see mine as well. What I showed you that day in the throne room is but a small piece of what could happen to you should you find yourself unable to block these things out."

[14:46] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods" well I have learned something in my travesl I am no typical empath my gift will always be this way, and I know not where or why I recived this gift, but if it is people I trust feeding of me I could live with this"

[14:48] Elayne Beaumont: "'Tis my understanding that this transferance does not take place with all, but you being what you are, you are more highly susceptible than others. Such an undertaking, given the histories of the vampires in this clan, could prove devastating to you."

[14:50] Kittara (keitha.ildor) looks thoughtful then serious" I know their is a shortage of food, and I am thinking it could actually not devastate me but make me grow in wisdom, I am willing still to offer this gift, though I know Vich said she dont like feeding of Nekos but I may be beneficial for others"

[14:54] Elayne Beaumont nods. "Aye, there is a shortage of suitable prey within this city. Of that, there is no doubt. If you wish to offer yourself in this way, I'll not stop you from doing so, but you do need to understand the risks you take in doing so. I, myself, feed only rarely, as I have a particular taste for lycan and when that is not available, I generally make do with my home-brewed blood wine, which has a high lycan content. Others, however, particularly Maxwell, may find your offer a welcome gift. Just be careful, dear, especially if 'tis the King who feeds upon you. Learn to close your mind and control what enters."

[14:56] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods, looking serious"yes my Queen, I still offer myself, and I will do my best and at worst learn the hard way"then titls my head" yes yes I still choose this path" smiles softly

[14:59] Elayne Beaumont glances at the photo frame on the wall briefly before returning her gaze to Kittara. "What does this man Kael ... your... I'm not sure what he is to you, actually... what does he have to say about this? Have you discussed it with him?"

[15:02] Kittara (keitha.ildor) smiles"oh my Lord, aye I have discussed it with him, he said it was my decision he is more like a trusted beloved Guardian"

[15:04] Elayne Beaumont nods. "I see. He may change his mind should things go badly for you. 'Tis not the wisest of choices for an empath to make. Too many memories and emotions can cause one to go mad."

[15:06] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods"he may but all I can do is let it happen at least once and see what my come of it, thta is only really way to learn, it is to do"

[15:07] Elayne Beaumont chuckles. "I would not say 'tis the only way to learn, but 'tis certainly the most effective, not to mention the quickest, for some."

[15:08] Kittara (keitha.ildor) grins"yush works best for me"

[15:29] Elayne Beaumont looks up as Max approaches, smiling. "My love... I didn't expect you to be up so early. I trust you slept well?"

[15:29] Maxwell Eclipse yawns loudly as he emerges from his lab upstairs, throwing himself onto the couch. "Slept well enough, I suppose. Could always be worse."

[15:31] Kittara (keitha.ildor) blinks as I snap awake" greetings my King"

[15:32] Elayne Beaumont chuckles softly. "I suppose 'tis true enough." She glances at Kittara as she greets the King then continues. "Kittara and I have just had a most interesting chat, my love."

[15:34] Maxwell Eclipse perks a brow, and looks to Kittara, a tinge of frustration on his face. He still wasn't too happy about her past transgressions. "What's that, Elayne?"

[15:34] Elayne Beaumont frowns a bit at Max's reaction, then smiles. "Perhaps I should allow her to explain." Looking to the girl, she continues, "If you will, Kittara."

[15:37] Kittara (keitha.ildor) cringes at that look from him, nodding"yes my Queen, my King I am offering to be a blooddoll for the clan as I know food is in short supply of late"then watches him closely to gauge his reaction

[15:38] Maxwell Eclipse chews his lips, "Do you know what that responsibility entails?"

[15:39] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods"I believe I undertsand exactly what my Queen informed me of"

[15:41] Maxwell Eclipse looks down, fumbling with his jacket, "Why do you suddenly want to do this? An act of good will?"

[15:42] Kittara (keitha.ildor) shakes my head" to help take care of those in my clan and I am not offended by being bit either my King"

[15:44] Maxwell Eclipse nods sagely, "Then I will agree to it, but if it drives you mad, I will not hesitate to put you down for the sake of my family. Do not take this duty lightly."

[15:45] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods, face serious"aye my King I never make offers of any sort lightly and I understand my King"

[15:48] Maxwell Eclipse looks at Kittara with intensity in his eyes, "If you were to take a walk into my mind, surely just the loathing and hatred alone would send you to your knees."

[15:49] Elayne Beaumont listens quietly, nodding her agreement with Max's words. She remains silent for now, however.

[15:49] Kittara (keitha.ildor) meets his gaze with as much intensity and alertness" it may drive me to my knees my King but does not mean it will break me"

[15:52] Maxwell Eclipse nods slowly, running a hand through his hair, "I hope not, but it has broken me many times, and I've lived with it for a long, long time."

[15:54] Elayne Beaumont nods, adding, "To that, I can attest. I have been through much of this with him, Kittara, and know the dangers therein."

[15:55] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods softly" I have recently learned in my travels I am not a true empath but something else< I can absorb and return emotions and become the emotions of others, perhaps I will juts become extremely bonded to the clan and you will get s a astrong fighter and defender of it out of me, and I have been thinking on this for sometime" nods to my Queen" I understand My Queen and I appreciate the fact you are both waching out for me even after I messed things up, it means alot to me"

[15:56] Maxwell Eclipse lets out a long sigh. He rises to his feet, looking kind of troubled. "Do not think I've forgiven you, Kittara. I will be in my lab."

[15:56] Kittara (keitha.ildor) sighs and mutters"I do not expect forgiveness nor do I plan on ever recieving any"

[15:59] Elayne Beaumont watches Max head up the stairs and turns to Kittara. "He is not as quick to forgive as I, dear, but you are still family, and we take care of our own. Even if we are angered, the welfare of the family... ALL of the family... is quite important to us."

[16:02] Kittara (keitha.ildor) hisses softly as yet again someone does not get me or why I do things thye always think I am some typical idiot, rises stiffly, hands balled, figuring I will go out in the courtyard and beat the piss out of something, nods in gratitude for her words" I do not expect nor truly want forgiveness for truly messing up a duty I took on my own free will but I do apporeciate that whether you are all angry at me or not, you are still watching out for my welfare, I wish he understood how much I am sickened by what I allowed to happen because I did not undrstand myself better but he cant read minds and think like so many others I want forgiveness, I am no typical creature, and I pride myself on that" holds my head yo, eyes gleaming, a flash of something from my past glimmers for but a moment

[16:05] Elayne Beaumont smiles at the frustration that emanates from Kittara. "You will come to understand him one day, Kittara. For all his outward appearance, your King is no ordinary vampire either. His ways are not the ways of all. I have known him many a year, and have been through much with him. I understand why he does and says as he does. In time, you will as well."

[16:07] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods as I sigh" I suppose this is true" trying to relax my fingers so thye unballed abit" I will be in the courtyard giving myself a workout if anyone needs to feed or wishes to speak with me my Queen, I need ot work out some of this frustration

[16:08] Elayne Beaumont nods. "Certainly, dear. Should you need me, I'll be in the lab with Max."

[16:08] Kittara (keitha.ildor) nods and gives a small smile"yes my Queen"

[16:09] Kittara (keitha.ildor) bounds lithely out the door to the courtyard, a deep rumble pouring out of me as i do
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Kittara's Offer
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