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 A Lesson For Kittara

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PostSubject: A Lesson For Kittara   A Lesson For Kittara Icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 6:51 pm

Kittara, a new member of the Lamia Sceptrum family, and an untrained empath, made a grave error, leaving the family praying for the safe return of Rose, who'd been taken by the King's brother. Needless to say, Kittara finds herself in serious trouble...

[17:00] Vich (vichonette.constantine) spots something glowing in the courtyard and goes to investigate what it could be. She picks it up, it appearing to be some sort of unusual stone. Pocketing the glowing rock, she makes a mental note to show it to Max the moment she sees him.

[17:04] Kael (kael.whitesong) stepped boldly in to the courtyard... There was an air about him the exuded confidence and stregnth as he came to a stop a respectful distance away from the lady before him, "Greetings... I understand my kitten has caused some trouble for your family... And i have come to offer my aid in remedying the situation..."

[17:06] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) semi hides behind my Lord as I see Vich , my face going white as I remember her last words to me, tail and ears wilted and twitching in odd pattersn from my nerves, watches my Lord and listens

[17:06] Vich (vichonette.constantine) strides over to the man, mentally assessing him as she approaches. She flashes a glare at Kittara... a look that clearly conveys the girl's in deep shit. "Yeah? Jus' who th' fuck are you an' what makes ya think ya kin do anythin'? Ya don' even know what yer up against." Turning her gaze back to Kittara, she growls, "I got orders ta take yer ass ta th' Queen."

[17:10] Kael (kael.whitesong) letting a slow smile spread across his face as he replied, "I am a hunter... that is all you need to really know about what I can do... and as for who I am... well... perhaps I could enlighten you..." and let his hang at that...

[17:13] Vich (vichonette.constantine) laughs, unimpressed by the male's display. "A hunter, eh? Good ta know. Ain't never chewed on a self-professed hunter b'fore. Wonder if ya taste any diff'rent. As fer what ya kin do, ya ain't doin' a fuckin' thing less ya quit playin' games an' talk straight. I ain't in no mood ta put up with no macho chest thumpin bullshit, so cut ta th' chase buddy."

[17:13] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) meets her glare and fidgets , gulps as her words sink in, steps a little closer to my Lord, reaching ahand out to lightly touch his back for strength, stammers out"understood" manages to pale even whiter, jaw clenching tight , biting my lip hard without even realizing it

[17:17] Kael (kael.whitesong) feeling he had talked perfectly staight he furrowed his brow, "Right.. so you insult the person that offers you help in your time of need... your..." he would look back at Kit" Queen was it?" and would look back at the red head, "Would be displeased I believe... because from the sounds of it you could use all the fucking help you can get right now you stuck up arrogant bitch..." his mood never changed and his voice remained utterly pleasant to listen to had he not been speaking the truth about what he had observed this far into the conversation...

[17:19] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) nods as I cringe"yes my Lord, Queen"

[17:21] Vich (vichonette.constantine) smiles, but her eyes narrow to slits as she stares down the male before her. "From th' sounds of it, yer all hat an' no cattle, buddy. Ya come in here spoutin' off how yer gonna take care a our little problem, and ya ain't got a fuckin' clue what yer talkin 'bout cept what th' furball here might a told ya. I asked b'fore an I ain't gonna ask again. Who th' fuck are ya, an' why should I b'lieve a word ya say? Fer all I know yer just tryin' ta save dumbass here's stupid ass from gettin' fried."

[17:24] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) hisses softly as she insults my Lord, quickly stops when I realize I vocalize, bites down harder on my lip, eyes narrow as she calls me a dumbass, my anger finally starting to take hold instead of fear

[17:29] Kael (kael.whitesong) shook his head, "I never said anything about taking car of the problem for you did I? No... so quit putting word where there were none and as for who I am... My lord will do just fine until you have earned the right to know my name..." now his anger was beginning to show through... he was just here to try and help... not be a fucking hoorah cowboy.... "And yes.. Maybe I am trying to save my kittens ass.. because that is my responsibility to her you overzealous twat..." he took a deep breath to calm himself before continuing, "I am just here to fucking lend a hand and possibly avoid a nastey situation savy? Or are you to gung ho about causing trouble to understand such sophisticated words?"

[17:31] Vich (vichonette.constantine) laughs out loud. "My lord??? Ya think I'm gonna call ya that, ya got another think comin' buddy." She then narrows her eyes and pokes a finger into his chest as she continues. "But ya call me another fuckin' name an' yer gonna find yer ass splattered across this fuckin' courtyard, capiche? I din't invite ya here. Ya walked in here actin' all high an' mighty an' as far as I'm concerned ya ain't nothin' but th' average macho blowhard, so cut th' shit, talk straight, watch yer fuckin' manners or get th' fuck out!"

[17:35:04] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) can stand it no more and hisses and spits wildly at her words, my claws extending as I clench my fists, claws digging inot my palms hard and deep, eyes narrowed and shifting dark, crouches down near my Lord, making my base stance stronger as mantras calmly flow through my head, I always did think best when pissed of my own accord and not someone elese emotions

[17:41] Kael (kael.whitesong) would let a feral grin cross his face as his momery which for the most part was infalible for the most part, kicks into high gear and replays the conversation which he spits out verbatum complete with voice tones and not the mocking kind either... actual good renditions. and would snap his hand up to grab the finger poking into his chest... if successful he would bend it back util the point of breaking but no further as he lets his mismatched blue and green wolf's eye glowed, "So as you can see... Never once did I make a claim about being the hero... I am just trying to help..." he would push the woman back with soft shove and letting go of her finger t the same time.... he was honestly trying to avoid a fight here

[17:53] Vich (vichonette.constantine) smirks, pressing her hand forward as he grips her finger and chuckling softly as she hears the familiar snap of bone breaking. His shove leaves her unphased as she clenches her fist in his face, the broken finger grinding loudly against itself. She'd get Elayne to fix it later, of course. "If ya was really tryin’ ta help ya wouldn’ be playin’ fuckin’ games, buddy. Tellin’ me ta call ya lord like yer some kinda royalty. Like I said b’fore. Talk straight, watch yer fuckin’ manners or get th’ fuck out. Yer choice, but I ain’t got time fer games. Me an’ th’ furball here got a date with th’ Queen.”

[17:56] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) continues to hiss, hissing out: he is not playing games you are, leave off my Lord Vich

[18:07] Kael (kael.whitesong) 's grin stayed firmly upon his face, "And who is to say that I am not royaly... Had you the sense of mind to talk rather than insult you would not now be nursing a broken finger and would would be on a first name basis perhaps... So... do you want my help or not... because I could just as easily walk out of here with my kitten and let you deal with it yourselves... Not that i am not confident about your abilities to deal with the situation..." he would turn his back to look down at Kit and sigh, "So you want little help I offer or not woman?" he was tired of her games as well... so far he had only met two people from this family...and he only liked one...

[19:14] Vich (vichonette.constantine) rolls her eyes. "Look buddy, ya come in here tellin' me yer gonna "help." I ask ya who ya are an' what makes ya think ya kin do anythin' at all an' ya give me this "me hunter," crap an' tell me ta call ya my lord. I ain't callin' nobody lord a nothin', so if ya wanna talk games, pot, meet kettle. As fer m' finger... ain't no big thing, an' I ain't got no need ta nurse nothin." She turns to Kittara and growls, "An you kin shut th' fuck up. Yer th' one what caused all this shit, honey. Ya had a direct order from th' Queen an' ya ignored it."

[16:59] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) hears her words and knows she is right that my inexperince brought this all about, I clamp my jaw tight and go silent, turns my head to look at my Lord, knwing if he can figure it out , I will be alright, so waits, watches and listens

[17:04] Kael (kael.whitesong) 's smile got a little less but still remained, "Do you really need a description of what a hunter is and oes? Very well... I shall give you a description for you seem to be ignorant of it.. A hunter, tracker, seeker of thing. If it needs to be found I do what i can to find it... If its a mouse inveading your pantry of a piece of knowledge that may be lost or in your case a psycopath that has kidnapped a dear friend who sacrificed themself to save another... is that a clear enough discription or shall I break out the finger paints for the rest of the class?" he was frustrated a fuck right now that this woman was being so... nevermind...

[17:08] Vich (vichonette.constantine) hisses back, "I know what a fuckin' hunter is, pal, an' sayin' yer one ain't th' same as bein' one. Fer all I know yer just another asshole tryin' ta make a name fer 'isself. I'll tell ya this much... ya need a smarter sidekick, cuz this one ain't too bright goin' against th' Queen." Glancing toward the castle, she gives a small shrug. "Don't matter none anyway. Kitty here's got a date an' we don' wanna keep th' Queen waitin'."

[17:10] Kael (kael.whitesong) shook his head and rubbed the brifge of his nose as if trying to ward off a headach, "If she is anything like you then its gonna be a long fucking night..." his voice barely over a mumble and would look up finally, "Fine... lead on dammit... i don't have time for you anyways..."

[17:10] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) lowers my head to make it so she could not see the anger flaring in my eyes, then hears the rest and stiffens, a feeling of impending doom coming over me, angry at myself for letting my inexperince cause trouble for others

[17:12] Vich (vichonette.constantine) snorts, "Oh, she's a real sweetheart. You'll see." She extends an arm in the direction of the castle stairs, an indication that they should precede her, having no intention of turning her back on either of them.

[17:13] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) sees the gesture and slowly proceeds ot the castle, walking as if this was my last walk, hoping I survived this

[17:14] Kael (kael.whitesong) adjusted his kilt to show he had no weapons on though he truly didn't need them as he was not here on an aggressive capacity though he really wanted to smack that woman just for good measure... but would hol his temper as he needed to keep his cool and would head to the castle....

[17:15] Vich (vichonette.constantine) follows them into the castle and heads toward the throne room door. "Wait here"

[17:17] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) slowly enters the room, seeing the place she apoke of , walks inot the spot, and sinks ot my knees, my eyes watching my lord,my emotions rapidly cycling through them

[17:21] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) hears someone enter, remains motionless, my eyes still locked to my Lord for strength, quietly awaits what was too come

[17:21] Elayne Beaumont sits quietly in the throne room, looking up as Vich enters with Kittara and a strange male. She says not a word as the girl steps into the circle, her eyes following Kittara's every movement. She ignores the male for now, as her gaze rests solely on Kittara.

[17:22] Vich (vichonette.constantine) gives the queen a nod, but remains silent, standing guard beside he square in the floor.

[17:23] Kael (kael.whitesong) walked into the room full of confidence and a calm demeanor and would stnd off to the side of Kitarra but looking directly at the Queen... his face showing no fear as fear was useless to him...

[17:26] Elayne Beaumont presses a button in the armrest of her throne and the square on which Kittara stands rises up, engulfing the kitten inside. She could not see out, but the others would be able to see and hear her, and she would hear them. That done, she rests her gaze upon the stranger. "I would have your name, Sir, and your purpose for being here. Are you a bounty hunter? If so, I'm sure my King will be more than generous when he returns. If not, then please state your purpose."

[17:28] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) startles and flinches when I get enclosed my panic rising slightyl as I hated being enclosed, repeating my calming mantras in my head, praying they would work, blinks repeatedly when I realize my vison was going to be of no use

[17:32] Vich (vichonette.constantine) seeing that Kittara was now securely enclosed within the cube, moves to take her position at the Queen's side. She didn't know this man, didn't trust him, and would die protecting her Queen if necessary.

[17:36] Kael (kael.whitesong) looking to his side as the cage activates he salm looks back to the Queen, "My name is Kael and it seems that my companion has caused you a slight bit of trouble though i assure you she did not mean to... As for why I am here... I am a hunter and bounty has no meaning to me... As I tried to explain to your...servant... I am here to offer my help in remedying the situation but she is to hot headed to talk to in a civil manner as I believe you will be more accomidating to a more diplomatic talk.... Now.... down to the nitty gritty gritty of the situation as I understand it... Kitarra was under orders to not let said prisoner go... or mess with him at all? Correct? But as she is a curious little kitten she couldn't resist at least talking to him... She is a very sensative empath and said baddie used that against her and managed to capture one named rose who offers herself as a sacrificial lamb to save Kitarra from the pain of rape and death... so the way I see it... is I owe This honorable Rose a debt for protecting my Kitten.... So do you accept my offer of assistance?" the whole time he would be pacing like a detective spouting things as he understood them....

[17:41] Elayne Beaumont smiles. "Allow me to correct your misconceptions about my cousin here. She is not my servant, but my most trusted advisor and confidante. While her methods may seem hostile to you, I can assure you she is more than competent and rather easy to get along with most of the time. As for Kittara here, both my King and myself told her explicitly that under no circumstances was she to open that cell door. She was told this more than once, and she disobeyed that directive. 'Tis not what I would consider a wise move given her current status within the family. Sadly, the girl will have to pay for her insubordination."

[17:46] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) wilts in the cage as I hear her words, shrinking down into myself, body beginning to shake, wishing I had more training so all this had not happened

[17:53] Kael (kael.whitesong) would nod and scratch the stubble on his chin making note of it to shave later and looked back at the Queen as a thought crossed his mind. Servant Advisor Confidant...its all the same... they were all beneath the queen...thus making each position... a servants position..., "I have no misconceptions of anything... I see thing more for what they really are than you may realize.... And as for the punishment of Kitarra I understand that it has to be done as letting thing just slide makes for bad leadership skills... But perhaps a comprimise may be reached... as I said... i offer my services in aiding in the recapture if this vile fiend.... If perhaps we can bring him back in one way or another and rescure the valiant and honorable rose from his dastardly clutches perhap you could lessen the punishment... for she is as I said a strong empath and really could use training that I cannot give her..."

[17:56] Elayne Beaumont smiles a cruel smile. "An empath, you say? Strong, you say? We shall see." With that, Elayne turns her attention to Kittara. "Stand girl," she commands. "Stand and explain to me precisely what transpired between you and Shade that you felt so compelled to release him in spite of my direct orders that no one but Max was to ever open that cell."

[17:58] Kael (kael.whitesong) would look to Kitt at the Queens qord and let her speak on her own behalf as he would never be able to relay it correctly

[18:04] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) quickly rise at her command, staring straight ahead at the swirling red cage, catches my breath"yes my Queen" bites my lip hard"I was guarding him and trying to read what I could off him, trying my best to help, his emotions started to bleed inot me, his emotions to be released, his rage, his lonliness, his hatred of being caged again,his emotions , made my senses of self disappear, I begin reacting to his emotions as he would, I fought it hard, I thought if I knocked him out I would be able to think cleaere so I attempted to knock him out this nagred him, he then used my empathy against me in full force, and began cutting himself up severely, as the pain hit me all I could think of was making him stop hurting himself, I charged in , slamming the door behind me, and tried to restarin him, then he took control , Rose cae in soon after "choking on a sob"she offered herself to him to save me , she saw the hatred and what he was doing to me, and she left with him to spare me, I did not men for any of this to happen " then lowers my head letting the tears fall as my immnse worry for Rose and my intense guilt rode through me

[18:07] Elayne Beaumont laughs. "So you call yourself an empath, do you? And you claim Shade's emotions got the better of you. Allow me to show you what true emotion can do, child." With that, she closes her eyes, opening her mind in preparation for what she was about to do. To Vich and Kael, she would appear as if she had fallen asleep, but her mind was nowhere near asleep as she prepared to teach the girl a lesson she'd not forget.

[18:09] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) hears the laughter and her words, and bracesmyself the best I can knowing it wont be enough but having the need to try anyways

[18:13] Kael (kael.whitesong) would understand what was going on and looked to his kitten and place his hand on the cage as if to show her support and lend her his strength and smiled softly knowing she would feel the calmness of his heart

[18:15] Elayne Beaumont reaches out, her mind's eye wide open as it ventures forth to lock with Kittara. At the moment of contact, a hundred years' worth of fury blasts forth. She had opened the gates she'd kept so tightly closed for so many years, and it all rushed out in an enormous torrent of once-stifled emotion. Fury at the demons who had raped and mutilated her sisters, had ripped the very heart from her chest. Rage at the abominations inflicted upon herself, her family. Her fury at the girl's betrayal of her own commands follows, searing hot in its intensity. And she was just getting started...

[18:19] Kain Ugajin (kaine.ulrik)'s claws rack on the door as he puts his hand to it and pushs it open, freezing in the door way had feeling Elayne's anger when he first woke from the bond they shared, and now beign face to face he felt the full force, and knew it was pointed at Kittara, he lets out a soft growl, taking a step forward, about to stop this, in his view, idioticy, but stops again, staring at Elayne.

[18:19] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) howls as the fury hits me, eyes going dark as I collapse to my knees, body violently shaking , my eyes staring at her , her emotions showing in my eyes, all sense of myseflf rapidly ceasing except a tiny thread to my Lord, sensing him near all else gets engulfed, my claws extending as the rip inot my own flesh, my fangs chomping ito my lip, my body beginning to sweat and spasm hard

[18:20] Vich (vichonette.constantine) looks at Kaine as he opens the door, hearing his growl and shakes her head in warning not to interfere.

[18:22] Kain Ugajin (kaine.ulrik) moves his eyes to vich's movement and promptly gives her the bird, stepping forward moving next to Kael, still staring at Elayne, letting his now purely demonic energy flow from him, no happy with Elayne decision on punishment at all.

[18:24] Elayne Beaumont continues to pour forth all the anger she'd held back for so long, letting it all loose. She begins to add images to the emotions... images of Shade and Max, mostly, flashing by as if a film were running. An image of Max, naked except for a camera around his neck, babbling nonsense after Shade had injected him with Razaka serum. The next an image of Max frozen in a cryochamber. With this image, Elayne unleashes all the anguish she'd felt as she desperately sought a way to save the life of the only man she'd ever truly loved. Mixed with the anguish, images of the demon Alicia, a mocking, smirking Shade, both so proud of what they had done.

[18:27] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) curls up tight in ball, eyes now unseeing as her memories and the intense white hot feelings was my whole existence at this moment, any sense of anyone near was gone even my thread to my Lord, I was lost in her emotions and mind, a keening howl, filled with sadness and rage bursts out of me in a fever pitch

[18:27] Kael (kael.whitesong) watched as Kain walked in his half lidded as he could feel the anger and rage flowing around the room as he could taste is... it was palpable to him and he enjoyed it... he fed upon it like a drug... it fed the beast with in him and made him drunk with the power it gave him but in the center of it all was his heart...a calm oasis... like the eye of a hurricane the where he kept the love for his little kitten safe and sound... any that tried to peirce that wiel may the god have mercy upon their soul... because he wouldn't... he would devour it and shit it back out upon thier dead body...

[18:30] Elayne Beaumont feels the anguish coming back to her from Kittara and a small smile flits across her calm featuares. She sends a final series of images out, fueled by the pain and anger she'd felt at the time. It was her last encounter with Shade in which both nearly died. Painful, bloody, it had been days before she could heal herself completely from the enormous loss of blood. Finally, she sends forth a sense of betrayal, the final emotion that had come to her upon learning of the girl's deed. Then, withdrawing back to herself, she opens her eyes and says quietly, "That, child, is what emotion can do and you'd do well to learn it."

[18:32] Kain Ugajin (kaine.ulrik) looks at Elayne, and sighs, growling softly, after the rage he felt at her choice in punishment he relized in the long run what she was doing, he moves behind Elayne, mouthing to Vich, " i'm sorry." he looks back down at Elayne and places his hand on her shoulder, he leans down next to her ear, and whispers, " tis' not enough...allow me.."

[18:33] Elayne Beaumont holds up a hand, silently. She knew he would know what it meant as her gaze rests solely on Kittara, awaitaing the girl's response.

[18:34] Kain Ugajin (kaine.ulrik) merely looks up at Kittara, keeping his hand on Elayne's shoulder, hoping his demonic stench didn't set her off

[18:37] Vich (vichonette.constantine) crinkles her nose and stares at Kaine as she whispers, "Fuck, man... take a bath, wouldya?"

[18:38] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) fells the emotions of the queen a choking sob at the last part heard, still curled up in a tight ball, as the feeling of betrayal that I had caused hits me, a spark of myselfsurfaces, my calming mantra by rote running through my mind, barely percieving thta others were now present and once again feeling that thin thread to my Lord, tears now falling , one hand reaches forward to touch the cage where I could feel my Queen near

[18:38] Kain Ugajin (kaine.ulrik) looks over at Vich, " it wouldn't help...I tired..."

[18:50] Kael (kael.whitesong) would gently shhhh trying to calm Kitarra letting her know that he was there and that nothing was going to hurt her, "Be strong Kitarra..." his voice calm and soothing knowing she was feeling everything from the queen that what she felt he didn't rightly know... he would turn his head to look at the queen, "Are you satified now?" his wolven eyes one blue one green, clear and bright and full of knowledge. "Now can we resume the search for this bastard that threatens to undo everything..." he was adgitated at this show of force but it didn't show... he kept it carefully guarded, "I have work to do if you are done... and she is going to help me..."

[18:53] Elayne Beaumont shakes her head slowly. "We are not yet finished here, dear, and the search is ongoing even as we speak." She turns her attention back to Kittara, now, her voice once again calm, her mind closed tightly once more. "Do you understand now, Kittara, the enormity of what you have done? And do you understand what I have just shown you?"

[18:55] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) as the flood of emotions stop I blink, slowly uncurling myself, pushing myself back to my knees, feeling this submissive pose was appropriate, my eyes softening slightyl as I feel my Lord and hear him as well, my thorat still tight as I choke out"yes mY Queen, I am soo very sorry"

[18:55] Kain Ugajin (kaine.ulrik) perks up, hearing something outside, in the city, feeling a firmliar pressance in the city, his mouth still next to Elayne's ear, " teckin.." he whispers, he pats Elayne on the shoulder, " I'll return shortly..." he slides his hand from Elayne and steps out

[18:59] Kael (kael.whitesong) sighs and nods keeping his thoughts to himself for the most part.... there was a reason he left his courts... he hated royals that all they seemed interested in was showing their power rather than letting thier vassels do their work though he did not consider himself her vassel he had offered his help and here she was holding up progress.... he longed for the hunt... it was how he thrived... the freedom he felt and took pride in... and would look patiently enough at the queen...

[18:59] Elayne Beaumont nods to Kaine as he murmurs in her ear, quietly pleased to hear the name she'd not heard in so long. He leaves, and she presses the button releasing Kittara. "What I have shown you, Kittara," she says as the walls lower, "was not merely for the sake of punishment. You must learn to control what comes in and what goes out. If you do not or cannot control the emotions you allow yourself to feel and react to, they will consume you as mine did you now."

[19:01] Elayne Beaumont chuckles softly and looks to Kael, "And you, Sir, would do well to learn to hold your own in check a bit better. There is a time for all things, and your desire for the hunt is not more important than this girl's need for education."

[19:01] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) sighs in relief as the cage walls disappear, my eyes adjusting to being able to see again quickly locking on my Lord, nods my head"yesmy Queen I understand"

[19:09] Kael (kael.whitesong) would look at Kitten and ignore the queen for the moment his smile to Kitarra soft and kind and then looks back at the queen, "I know..."

[19:10] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) feels a soft smile appear on my face as my gaze locks with my Lords
[19:14] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor): am I free to go my Queen?

[19:15] Elayne Beaumont rises from her throne and takes a few steps toward Kittara and Kael. "Now, then. I expect you to find Rose. Enlist whatever aid you need to accomplish the task, but find them. I want Rose returned home safely. Shade is for the King to deal with. Pay him no mind but feel free to use whatever force necessary to bring Rose home. Vich, Kaine, Aten and Ren are also seeking them out, so you are not alone by any means."

[19:15] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) nods and stiffly rises"yes My Queen, I will do so"

[19:16] Kael (kael.whitesong) just nodded and turned, "Come Kitten... We have work to do..."

[19:17] Kael's Kitten (keitha.ildor) nods and turns to folow my Lord"be well MY Queen, Vich, it seems we begin the hunt immediatey

[19:18] Elayne Beaumont nods and watches as they exit, not at all certain the lesson was learned, but hopeful nonetheless.
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A Lesson For Kittara
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