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 Dialog Projecting

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PostSubject: Dialog Projecting   Dialog Projecting Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 7:55 pm

There has been issue with players projecting dialog as a method of OOC or IC bashing someone and this is a reminder that IC/OOC dialog projecting is seriously frowned upon and may lead to a warning or even a ban based on the severity of the situation.

So what is Dialog Projecting? It's a term I coined for this notecard because there was no other way to really classify it unless you see it. An example is in the following Scenerio.

The Scene - A crowded bar.

The players - john smith and Noobie Roleplayer

The Situation: john smith manages to shove Noobie Roleplayer aside at crowded bar so he could either sit on a stool or place an order with the bartender

The Projected Dialog

john smith: Move over man, I wanna order a drink.
john smith attempts to push Noobie Roleplayer out of the way to get closer to the bar.
Noobie Roleplayer wonders what the fuck is Duckie's problem. <----- bad

Rather then saying "What the fuck is your problem?" instead he projects the dialog in the form of a thought to insult me in a way that I shouldn't respond to because we don't read minds and responding to it would be considered metagaming (basing my in-character response with information gained out of character, in this case, reading his thoughts)

Of course, projecting dialog covers a range of things for

Noobie Roleplayer wonders what time it is. <----- bad
Metagamer Roleplayer: It's half past two, dude. <----- bad response


Noobie Roleplayer wonders if Metagamer knows how much of a prick he is. <--- In character or Out of character projected dialog bashing
Metagamer Roleplayer: I'm tired of your shit, let's take it outside..... <---Metagaming - provoked by thoughts

So. If you have the urge to hint that you might be thinking something, it's better to do this...

Good Roleplayer appears to be thinking hard upon something. <---- Good

rather than

Noobie Roleplayer thinks to himself if we don't have enough rules in the city as it is. <---- Bad
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Dialog Projecting
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